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Not only ignorant: he's got the health thing ass-backwards.

A former Mr. Universe, Samir Bannout, was vegetarian.

I bench 245 and am vegetarian. Always have been.

My dad tells of being a new immigrant in the '70s and going to American doctors. "You must feed your newborn meat, or he'll be sickly!" they said. My dad dragged my brother in by the wrist. My beautiful, rosy-cheeked, dumpling-kneed, ringlet-headed baby brother who's now six feet tall. "Does this child look weak to you?" he demanded. "Umm... this specific one looks fine. Right. Carry on then."

Later the food pyramid recommended a vegetarian diet. The beef industry complained, so it was changed back.

It's time for "Goodness Gracious" America. "Going out for an English." Flip it around. Doc: "Your child must not eat meat, or he'll die young of a heart attack!" Doc: "What do you mean, you want to circumnavigate his flipper with a clipper? Get out of here, you sadist pedophile!"


*rolls eyes

I think it's quite TOO early for me to comment properly, but I hope s/he chokes on a chicken wing.

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