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Oh Anna love: if you only lived in Chicago, where I would be more than thrilled to tempt you with carbo-rich recipes and Italian restaurants where we can drip bread in olive oil and garlic and then sweat garlic through our pores for the next few days! You flatter me with your praise, although my little story is far from finished. It's rare that I write these days, and I started that story as a laugh-attack for my married friends who are way better off than me. Your thought-full blog encourages me to type away once more.

I am in maximum-security isolation from all men, especially desi guys (whom I should avoid like the triple-fast action coming of the bubonic plague) So, I will go samba dancing tonight. Let's see if I can replicate the lack of innervation to said booty - I have the tools but I so lack technique!


Anna -- you didn't tell me that you had a friend in Chicago ... you should visit her! I'll drive up if you fly through Chicago ...



i now have TWO female friends (shalu and mimosa) in chicago, as well as an ankur. in a year, i'll have a whole bunch of in-laws there as well, so i'm sure i'll see you at *some* point soon. ;)

wow. i haven't met a single person in that large, middled group. not even you, caspar.

crazy! :D

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