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Your email alert thingy only works when it feels like working? I didn't get any alert about this post! Lucky me I am addicted to your sites =)


hey anna! writing to you from sunny tampa :) only for the week tho

i wont sign up for gym because of that same thing. 3 years, eleven times. what is that worth? i don't even want to calculate that. i am afraid to join said gym because i know i'm a lazy ass (and will just end up skating anyways...for freeeeeeee)

hey u want calves? take mine. i'm fucking SICK of them. Imagine. ballet class. age twelve. eighty-five pounds. "You need to lose weight... especially in those CALVES of yours. Don't ride your bike until AFTER the big performance."

so, take them if you could. i'd be happy with skinny legs any day. unfortunately i have lacrosse player legs, and i didn't even PLAY lacrosse. go figure....

Gym Santa

Don't forget those behind-the-scenes people who appreciated enough your need and desire to go to the gym, who weren't rolling in dough themselves, that helped make it happen.


nix ~ i don't have any control over bloglet...kind of disturbing to find out from you that it's not working! :( glad you're an addict though-- that made my morning!

andrea ~ enjoy tampa! and i'll take those calves when you get back, please. ;)

santa ~ thank you. that month was never unappreciated...in fact, i think i thanked my santa publicly AND privately. in any case, how odd to declare such things in public places you swore you don't have time or the inclination to visit.


Anna! You've inspired me. I have had my Bally's membership for over a year and I think I go once a month or so. Bleh. If you can do it - so can I!! Any suggestions on how to start being religous about working out? The only time that I ever worked out regularly was when I was living in Dallas and had nothing else to do because Dalls sucks. Chicago has too many cuddly Rohits (ok, one) and good, cheap restaurants.


hey! Dallas doesn't suck. There's TONS of things to do. Like.... uh.... hold on a sec...

oh, you're right. Dallas sucks.
Unless you want to go shopping.......


They're right Andrea, Dallas sucks and we're stuck here. ;)

How you managed to survive SMU, I'll never guess. "It's not that we're stuck up, it's jus that we're better than you. " *rolls eyes

Appreciation Troll

Yay Santa ! Anna's calves thank you, as do all of us who get to look at them ;)

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