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After shelling out for highlights, eyebrow shaping, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, and painted-on lips, who's got budget for books? God of Subtle Things indeed.


oh fairest masher of words-

i have mislead thee...the blame for confusion rests only on my diminutive shoulders. :)

the divine friendster you see pictured above is NOT the same girl who sweats winners of big things like the booker.

miss subtle-paint is on YOUR team. tHe GiRl wHo tYpeS LiKe ThIs is sadly, on mine.


Ugh. Can we pick teams again? :)


Yikes!!! Who told her that was ok? And hopefully once she grows up, she'll change her makeup and amuse herself with different readings.


Ok, and to be quite honest, I seriously thought she was a drag queet at first glance.



That's a girl?! Are we SURE that's a girl??


That has to be a guy ... or a woman who wants to look like a drag queen. Actually, MonsterMash, isn't that your type ? ;)


Theo: Keep it up and you'll soon look like your brother Vincent ;)


catty much? just a downright unnecessarily mean post, and then to let people make fun of this girl you don't even know.

when someone from montana wrote something about you (which, i don't even think was her, but rather a commentor on her blog) I wrote to defend you. then i see you put up a girl's picture just so your friends could comment on her physical appearance and i'd like to retract my previous posting. maybe you don't like her makeup, maybe i don't, but that's no reason to publicly humiliate her.

Catty A N N A on "anon"

this poor child, who is probably quite pretty under all that shtuff. have mercy.

did you miss that part? b/c i meant that.

call me whatever you want to. i don't need to prove myself to you or any other "anon".

your last comment: You're beautiful, intelligent and damn talented, which is what makes people like me, who've never even met you, check this site so often. I know it's hard, but ignore the haters.

i am not a mean person. if you haven't picked up on that, after checking this site so often, feel free to not read me. i appreciate your above comment/past defense of me and don't quite understand your current anonymous anger.

and fyi, "montana" DID write horrifically mean things about me, someone she's had previous interactions with. none of them were as benign as "a department store makeup artist should be shot for doing this." it's not an analogous situation.

the people who commented are random strangers as well as people i virtually know via the blogosphere. i did not spitefully post this person's picture to entertain my wicked, wicked "friends". if their comments offended you, why not address specific people who said catty things? why go after me? i've stated previously that i wouldn't censor the comments on this blog, and i meant that. i think it's interesting that your ire came only my way.

finally, to clear up any confusion, i was discussing two different women in the above post; the girl who listed arundhati as a friendster was NOT the same girl pictured above. perhaps you thought it was, and that's why you thought i was unnecessarily cruel?

no matter. i can't control what you or anyone else thinks. i'm sorry you felt the need to twist something innocent around and find feline-proclivities where there were NONE.

thanks for reading me, but if you don't "get" me after doing so, i humbly confess that you won't be missed.

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