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you need a hug. i don't quite know what you're talking about and i'm smart enough not to pry, but i hope you know how appreciated you are. your voice *is* heard, at least by me.


Poor Suitable-chechi. We all feel frustrated sometimes. Still I am thinking your real pain doesn't have anything to do with email...anyones heart would be broken if they loved their parents so much and lost them.

Suitable Girl Fan


Don't let others bring you down. There are people that don't know you (like me) that enjoy what you say and how you say it. It is difficult to leave your self vulnerable they way you do (the flog, the blog, and the diary), but it's one of the many character traits that I admire you for.

Have a wonderful holidays,
Suitable Girl Fan


Sawwwwy. I roiled the waters, didn't I? My bad ....


anna - get drunk and go dancing till you fall. not that i know what you're talking about, but i bet it'll help.


I like your writing and I'm glad you blog! Sorry for whatever e-mail drama you're referring to. - M.


Anna -
I am so sorry that your holidays have been so glum. I can only hope that our words can bring some comfort to you. Please know that although there are the ignorant few who enjoy bringing others down, most of us enjoy reading your comments and respect who you are, just as you respect who we are. And though he may not be with you right now, your dad is looking at you and smiling from ear to ear, proud of his little girl and knowing that the sky's the limit for her. He and your mom have raised an incredible person; don't let a few idiots here and there distract you from that.

Hope your holidays get better. *hugs*

Your Campaign Manager

you're in third place, but only THREE votes separate you from FIRST! this is the closest it's ever been!

1st) 135
2nd) 134
3rd) 133 <------- you!

good luck! two more days of voting, and if we each vote every day until the end of december, i'll bet you win! i know that will cheer you up. =)


*bear hugs* then sway to the left.. then to the right.. see you are all better =)


my MSN name is now "vote for anna's blog, ask me how :)"

After I voted it was 149 to 150.... Shane will vote at work today :)

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