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don't worry about toads, anna.

i knew this guy sounded familiar, then i realized that i had read one of his posts in the blog mela. it was well-written and made good points. unfortunately, his illogical distaste for you means he's clueless-- it is so ironic that he dislikes you when you are of the same opinion. guess he dismissed you without knowing you, and you know what they say about people like that...





...they're great to try out your insultmonger on. ;)


my fave part was actually when he ranted about new yorkers in their plushy apartments, how they had no right to be outraged about this. HA! he's so off-base...i'm a *DC*er in a plushy apt. take THAT! ;)


I wanted to write a post threatening physical violence against him, about how I wanted to go over and choke the eff out of him, but I stopped myself because I'm better than that. But what would it matter anyway? It's FUNNY. Right, px? It's really hilarious to threaten someone, especially if you have no way of carrying out your threat (i'm 5'2 and a wimp ass and wouldn't get very far.) But you know, since simple words make him ban YOUR IP, wonder what he'd do with mine?

hmm.px... and he says indians are such touchy people... he should look in the mirror sometime.


I'm still extraordinarily confused about what's going on.



I play a little game called blogshares. Someone named "P.X." also plays; he did a hostile takeover of my prrrrecious Sepia Mutiny. Now I'm new to the game and still figuring things out so I try and learn as much as I can about the "major players". When I clicked PX's profile, I saw a link to his blog, which I naturally needed to visit...you can tell so much about someone via their writing. ;)

Anyway, in a long, not-rambling-in-a-bad-way post, he referenced the Power99 controversy that I have been bleeding over for the last 10+ days. He said some surprising things about how Indians make a big deal out of nothing (perhaps), how we are racist too (indeed) and how the people who were outraged were snotty NRIs who all lived in New York (wha-?), who should go pick up dung in India if we were so in love with it, etc.

So I left a comment.

I don't think it was disrespectful or innaposite. I really wanted to understand more about this point of view, I actually wanted to write a post about certain corners of the blogosphere/their rxn to what SM/Turbanhead had done WRT Power99. So I checked back. He commented after MY comment, and he was a prat.

All of that is excerpted above.

I was astounded that he was candy enough to BLOCK MY IP over NOTHING (when I haven't done that to people who accused me of having a fucking Electra complex after reading my post about the death of my DAD!), so I wrote him a note via Blogshare's Messaging system. That is the final part of the post you see above.

I thought that was the glorious end of THAT.


He wrote back today, more obnoxious than ever. HIS last message is in the post above this, entitled "Wah, Wah...Call the Wambulance". It was too delicious NOT to post. :)

Hope that explains it all, darling, though my name isn't Clarissa. ;)

Your ever-adoring hag,


anna - do you think it was possible that someone pretending to be you was saying something protesting his 'little blogshares prank' ??

since it seems to me that you wrote ONE comment in his blog, and responded to ONE message he sent you... that isn't obsessed. That's NORMAL. Things like banning those who have differing viewpoints and calling you obsessed after such limited communication is just the virtual equivalent of covering your ears and singing loudly, 'LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU'...

it's ok. don't write any more about him; he's not worth it.

and for what it IS worth, i like the word 'bollocks.' :) use with impunity.

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