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Hi Anna,

Long time reader, first time commenter.

As a typical Yank, you have made a false generalization about Canadians. Folks from Toronto pronounce it “about”. Like the US, we have different accents in different parts of the country and some may say “aboot”, but I’m pretty sure our friend Jeff does not.

Not defending the guy…but I would have to agree with him in that you are one hot piece of ass (and I mean that in the nicest way).

And I would like to thank your “brother” (Sanoj, is it?), on supplying the link to a naked chick that looks like you…I had a whole two minutes of hot action with that shot.

Cheers…love your site!


Or just confoosed. A/S/L? Anglish as a Second Language?


I think she was more upset that he used the term "western eyes", as if she isn't western herself) than you realized.

Fotolog clearly states she's in DC, most of her writing is obviously set here. It was just a stupid assumption, and I totally understand why it was irritating. He obviously didn't bother reading a damned thing. Too bad for him. She's a writer first, "one hot piece of ass" second. Also, just because a woman dons a saree, that doesn't make her foreign, eastern, etc...

Considering the fact that she has family in Toronto and one of her closest friends is from Vancouver, I'm fairly sure our ANNA wrote the "aboot" comment in a moment of understandable pique. She may be a typical yank in some ways, but not that one.

Also, (and I mean this in the nicest way) your comment was slightly disgusting. No one wants to know when, why or to whom you beat off...to. Yuck. If you comment a second time, I hope you leave such details out, for all of our sake's (ANNAs too.)


aw, I think the way we pronouce "about" is cute!! I love my Canadian accent!!

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