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Fotolog DOES suck Dirk Diggler's Dick! I've been trying to post pictures for days! Sooooo annoying.


It's so wrong that you hate guacamole. What a letdown.


Ever since I saw my sister's throat swell up to the size of a grapefruit after she inadverdently ate a piece of a tortilla that touched some guac, I stay away from the stuff like the plague. I'm not even allergic to it...that just freaked me the hell out. So yeah. You're not alone.


who wants to eat a burrito that is 60% guac? i'm from CA and i lived in texas. i won't tolerate shitty burritos...that's just wrong.

also, this is chipotle we're talking about-- they're owned by mcdonalds. how great do you think their guacamole actually is? i made a huge point in 2004 to "try new foods", and the googler got me to eat guacamole per my new year's resolution. THAT was in CA. THAT was good guacamole. not this greasy, bland, unctuous, oleaginous smegma.

i don't think you were reading me back then, so you probably don't remember the big deal i made out of my bravery with avocado mush. :)

sorry that i "let you down".


You don't like guacamole?

My life is over.

I used to live across the street, behind the strip of restaurants on Conn. Ave, from the Chipotle up past the Conn. Ave. bridge, at the Woodley Park metro stop. I rented a house there, but I lived at Chipotle.

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