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the fall of the online empire


i chose a username for fotolog that commences with "S".  this means no one can leave me comments.  my guestbook is the unawailable.  this BLOWS.  when i'm blue, i love going back to where i was a year ago, and reading the captions and ESPECIALLY the comments.  it always cheers me a bit.  so much for that strategery.  :(

where's your venture money going, anyway fotolog?  and why is "S" the only letter affected?  is it just way more popular?

in other news, i'm kinda amazed (and sympathetic) at the number of other floggers who are part of the "S"-class:  sharonc, suddenlysusan, sixthone, scorps...those are some important fotologs, people.  can we say w/d???  yeesh.

when it rains, it fucking pours.  with this unwanted development, my entire "online" life is going to shit (oooh!  that starts with an "S", too!).  hey, what's one more disappointment?  haters here, there, everywhere, the demise of my greatest blogging accomplishment ever, betrayal by people who should know better...but wait. all of those issues are with BLOGS.  typepad, typepad, sepia whatever-it-is.

THIS is what i get for thinking to myself, "at least i'll have fotolog...at least that's fxning somewhat/a comfy community/a useful timesuck...i'll stick with that, to hell with the rest." 

HA.  everything is broken.  EVERYTHING.

"you know me"/anon...don't push me 'cause i'm close to the eddddge, i'm trying not to lose my head.  read:  you may get your wish after all.


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there are ups.
there are downs.
not a lot of in between.

Such is life in the blogosphere.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE HATEERS QUIT LETTING THEM DEFINE YOU just let them roll off your back and your mind like little droplets of rain... and keep blogging... because you are a writer from the heart and there are many out here who want to hear what you have to say.

If all celebrities in the world quit when their haters told them to, there would be no one famous doing anything of note.

awww anna...hang in there! fotolog, the fave tool of procrastination of many out there (inc. you and me), hopefully won't disappoint for too much longer. :)

hey anna, you don't have to answer this if you think it'll bring forth unnecessary drama for you, but i have to ask cause i'm nosey.. is that a rock on your ring finger in the fotolog pic!

uh, what sm said. looks like a cushion-cut bit of wonderful to me, but i'm the kind of girl who has tiffanys on speed dial.

Actually, it is... I hate to spoil her news, but at the show, Karsh Kale saw her, was bowled over by her stunning beauty, and proposed to her on the spot. She, of course, accepted and now they are going to fly around the world playing the most niftiest of musics and blogging about their travels to exotic places such as Canada and Dallas.

oh right... happy april fools! :P

frankly, sepia mutiny was the best thing you ever did with blogging: it was first-class, impersonal and therefore safe because no one would find need to hate on you by commenting something nasty. that shit only happened here or on herstory or your flog. because those things were about YOU. sepia mutiny wasn't.

i think god is trying to tell you something with everything going down the way it has. you've been doing this for almost three years. it's time to grow up and move on, and return to having a private life that is all YOURS. you've had your fun, it's time to settle down- and i mean that in ALL ways.

-you know me/you know who

p.s. i love how the only way you respond to me is if i comment. heard of email? phone? :p

i am all about the analogy:

yeah, i read "geek.com," get over it. anyway, for those less inclined to click. it's a neat article about how yahoo's trying to compete with google. the first guy argues that it's winning but the analysis indicates that yahoo's still so far behind. he also points out that yahoo's search page is a hard core rip off of google, frighteningly so.

for my money, yahoo's gotta try to compete with google but it aint gonna win. mmmm....smell the analogous goodness!

in other news (a.k.a. if you scroll down) apparently a study was conducted to determine whether people can control themselves when faced with technological frustration. no shit, sherlocks. i'm hoping that was someone's abd research or something.

alright, back to dawson's: joey's crying about not being able to pay for worthington. :(

It's working again! I think...

Don't play all innocent Anna. This time it was YOU who caused the fall of your own "Empire" (Star Wars reference is so appropriate here but I will refrain) by not keeping your feminine wiles in check. ;)

yes, yes, this is all very funny. now you guys have carried the joke onto this blog as well. but no one's gonna buy it. :) sorry, good try though.

anna gets herself into so many fights on sm. prolly venting out her frustration of not getting any.

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