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scattered? more like eclectic, shreds.

and "truth hurts" ? Is that a dig at SM? Unless, of course, it is an inside joke, some obscure reference that random readers are not supposed to know, in which case, ignore my query.


"truth hurts" was the woman who desecrated my namesake's "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai" for the song "addictive". some indians, being the morons that they are, got all atwitter that something brown was crossing over so blatantly (while the sample wasn't even being used legally!!!)) so they invited her to some show i can barely remember-- i'll just never forget the horrific, white, ass-cleavage showing, daisy-duke equipped outfit she wore, as they presented her with some award. she looked atrocious. so yes, "truth hurts" is a bit of an inside joke with me.

good catch. ;)


Hated that song. It was used as the into music at an Indian business conference at Northwestern a couple of years ago.

On another matter, did you give permission for the webzine ABCD Lady to use your photo?


Look on the left hand side.


That IS you on that website..


That's messed up, dude! About the magazine, I mean... unless you authorized it, but I doubt that, given that there was no picture credit.

Meanwhile... I love SM too, but I have to say that some of the commenters are on crazy pills- the latest thing seems to be to pick apart every little news item that is placed on there. Where is the lurve? :)


Quote of the Week! Wow - to think I used to be a lurker just over a week ago.

I'm honored - thank you.


I know you don't want anymore talk of the magazine... but I do remember reading about it sometime back. It looks like you agreed to do it, and I think that's great (well, if you agreed)!


Thanks a lot! I was forced to download "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai" off of iTunes, and will now have it in my head FOREVER! ;)


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