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eeeeeeew. that IS nasty. blech.

li'l me

I have never had allergies b4. Never EVER! and this yr i think i developed it..
-and i hate when people blow their nose in public.. coz it's gross..

w/ my runny nose it's hard to run to the restroom evey 5mins though..

So people who i have stared at when you were blowing your nose.. FORGIVE ME!

Karma is a BIATCH :(


awww, li'l nik...it's one thing to dab at or blow your nose like a normal person...it's another to be in denial about the faucet on your face, and SNORT-SNORT-SNORT every few seconds, in a vain attempt to reclaim your snot/avoid getting kleenex.

i didn't mean you. :) blow your nose, chakkare. i guarantee you don't sound like THESE guys. hope your allergies don't trouble you too much, i know mine are awful and i obviously wouldn't wish then on YOU.

durga prasad

you are so gonna get dooced for this ;)

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