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A fresh badmash, just for you:
http://www.badmash.org/comics/89.gif. Guess it's going around ...


it's not a dc thing. when i lived in ny, i'd be constantly accosted by obnoxious guys. one even took it upon himself to PICK ME UP and TWIRL ME AROUND. i was thinner then, but still not a lightweight so this was no easy task, mind you. so don't feel so bad about dc, i think it's an east coast thing in general.


I'm an east coast guy born and bred but I had no idea that this "east coast thing" was going on! Even in my drunken early twenties it would never cross my mind to behave that way. Then again, I'm in my late thirties now and maybe this is a younger generation's affliction.... Call the cops if someone does that. I'll have to ask my younger female relatives if they've encountered this while out carousing.

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