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I'm sure Abhi hears that from all the women. "Abhi ... Oh! Abhi!" :)


Thanks for organizaing this :)


Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn't mean to say Vik's sucks! Just that it's a little overly "done" (tiles?! wtf?!) not nearly as cheap, and the pani in the pani puri (as always) doesn't have enough kick for my taste. It still beats the pants off most places. I think brimful said someone else said it sucks (brimful can correct me?), but I just want to clarify my contribution to that.

Re:phys/math. :-D

Thanks for organizing this! You're even more sparklingly lovely in person than in type; and I'm glad someone pointed out all your blogs to oblivious me. :-)


pictures! we want pictures! :)


Sounds like a lot of fun! Is there going to be a next year for BlogHer and, if so, where?

You've got to Flickr some of that photo documentation!


Yep, it was my friend who disparaged Vik's.

I'm in in A N N A- withdrawal now. :)


It was lovely meeting everyone! Thanks for organizing this; hopefully we'll do it again sometime...


Dirt on me?? But you are the only person at BlogHer that I have ever met. Right? There is a conspiracy brewing...


I think I have to put my two cents in here as well. It was nice to meet you all and Anna, photos do not do you justice. :)


p.s. my favorite A N N A quote from yesterday: "affirmative action for jacka$$es."


Desi dancer said it best "pictures! we want pictures! :)".

Specially one who missed out on the blessed event:(.



nice site you have i have a msntv. media player did you know on the left of your screen theres a slight line with dots & other things. one of your comments said there were pictures i didnt see any.i tried to blog once i dont know how i wrote a cute little note. but that wasnt to smart. im a bad writer your not

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