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Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself...I contain multitudes. and some of them are not fans of endings or goodbyes. especially when it wasn't on...ahem, our...terms.

I *love* that.

Also, YAY! :)


yay for the sm meetup to have gone well, but then i expected no less! the meme definetly has had me thinking for the last two days abt my life and general direction. funny how something thats supposed to be trivial has be rethinking life! ooh, you're going back to cali, take tons of pix of pudgie:)


awww shucks! you make me shy with such compliments :)

I too, am still pondering the meme of 7. While I could give off-the-cuff answers, I'm feeling a bit maudlin and introspective as I approach The Birthday. 'scuze me while I ponder...

I'm SO glad you're getting to go home for a nice long trip!! It will be the recharge you deserve :)


Anna, when are you gonna have a west coast meet up again? I'm heading down to San Jose in November to visit my beautiful little niece. Perhaps a little something can be organized?

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