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good luck with your goodbyes to nyc. dont think of it as giving up, just an interlude or something. and what happened to veena? i hope shes ok! prayers for you both anyways!


i'll never get back to where i belong, if i don't leave it properly first.

I think this insight is brilliant++

I'm thinking of you. (You know I don't always ask about things b/c I think people should be allowed to deal with things in their own way.)


There is a saying a common saying that resonates in my family. "For every door that closes, another opens up".

I hope the next door that opens will fill your live with more happiness and peace.

My thoughts are with Veena & your mom. A prayer is sent your way.


i hate giving up. i hate not getting my way. but i must and i won't.

Only for now. I really believe that. *hug*



I know I've been exceedingly remiss in commenting, deeply sorry but I am sending my best wishes your way.


The Desi Nole

Anna, given that this weekened is thanksgiving and all, are there plans of posting the topic for the 55's a little early ?

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