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chick pea

it was perfection.. wasn't it? :)

i'm so glad i could make it up there.. would've have missed it for the world...


so much fun-ness.


i love the name Maya

Anna looks very indian-ey! I didn't realize that was an Indian outfit. very cute.

I knew Chai had beauitful hair.. seee!

HOw lucky did Abhi feel to be surrounded by beautiful girls :)


how nice it went so well!! yay you!!:)


aww, thanks niki.




...now that March Madness is over

WHATEVS! My team is still in it (to win it?) Then again, their next game is on Sunday, which is April 1.

Cinamon Rani

Hi Anna, just wanted to let you know it was gr8 meeting you on Saturday. U take care and keep on blogging!!!!

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