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where are you moving? New apartment/city/country/planet?

I would like to recommend my favorite cleaning service, the "don't sweat in it or stain it then febreze it and hang it between cedar blocks" method. I have too many clothes with too many beads, and if dry cleaners can ruin a belly dancing coin scarf (it was a LONG time ago) I am NOT trusting them with any of my precious priceless blingclothes. Of course it means you can only wear said item of clothing a few times a year max, but that's why you need LOTS of glittery things with beads and sparkles. =)


Yeah for Goodwill! And for reducing one's possessions. And, as always, for the ability to reinvent oneself. :)


yes where are you moving?? and i always try to root thru my things to give away to goodwill, but the indian in me always thinks i will use something later that i have not touched in 5 yrs:/


that WAS a great jacket. oh, sadness...
was linking to SepiaM. until the whole weird Happy Hippie happened -- been thinking about linking here instead; i'll go ahead and do that now, if that's okay with you...

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