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I know exactly what you mean. I'm happy she won, but to quote that b*tch Michael Kors, I was underwhelmed. Last season's runways were much more interesting.


I thought Santino was going to throw more of a hissy fit - that would have been good TV.

Oh, and shut up, Debra Messing.


daniel v. was robbed...damn that boy is fine


i'm happy she won too even though i was rootin for daniel. but seriously, why was debra messing a guest judge?! what in the hell does she know about fashion? i was thinking more along the lines of cynthia rowley or heck any label owner!


I'm so glad Chloe won, too. Santino's personal look made me want to throw soap and water at him.

Am I the only one not impressed with past winner, Jay?


is this abt project runway?? i dont know anything abt this show!!

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