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hahah i totally laughed out loud!


yo! peace to the mutineers! it's raining cats and dogs in nyc. mr kobayashi sends his best too. xoxo, s


Is this Chai like our Chai of Chat & Chai? I need to find me a meetup of people who are confused about what race to identify with. I miss all the fun.


This Chai isn't like our Chai, she IS our fierce, fresh, fashionable friend. ;) I wish you could've been there!

Salil Maniktahla

Y'all missed a classic meetup. While the SF meetups maybe be more painful to organize due to the generally flaky nature of the West Coast, they're definitely more fun. Mainly because I'm there :-D

Just kidding! Good times, good times. AJP, I'm glad we got to hang out, vent spleen, and share stories. Is there anything better than sitting around for 5-12 hours just shooting the shiznit with fun people?


glad i made it. had a great time at my 1st meetup. now i'm just looking for my first stalker/kidnapping stories to share with people next time...


I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it! Unfortunately, I've got to stop by lab later, so I don't think I can make office hours either... (My timing this weekend kind of sucks.) :(

Anyway, I'm glad a good time was had by all. When do I get to hear the backstory on Milli? (Does it involve Vanilli?)


does it involve Vanilli??? psha. of course.


ha! nice recap. it was mad fun...alot of laughing and i learned so much. back channeling, cheating, stalking, NetIP/SAP, kidnapping stories, condoms....shhhh! my bro is right there!

ahhh, now to the next meet up!


hai anna,

I really felt that I'm somewhere around u to enjoy the parties and picnic. you are a excellent person by look and a talented person in nature. after browsing ur website this is what i can say. good luck to you. god bless you. i always like to be ur friend.



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