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oooh...post the pic of your freshly showered body in that tiny towel! I'll be the judge of how tiny the towel is (and if it is tiny enough!) and how gorgeous your body really is! Yes, yes, I know I sound like a perv! But I am "like that only"...sometimes!

I stumbled into a whole new world with this SepiaMutiny blogspace...I have to say I dig it! But in the short time I have been following your blog, I haven't yet been able to figure out what kind of job requires someone to be at work on a Saturday night and that too till 1am!!


I can name over a dozen professional jobs which are like that when there are deadlines. Since Anna said "presentation" you know she's not a doctor, but she could be a lawyer, an accountant, a conslutant, an ad exec, anybody in sales, a computer programmer ... the list goes on. And there are many of us who pull these same hours. C'est la vie.


Hey Anna - I hear you. Weekends can be the best time to get things done because there aren't ten people asking you to do twenty other things while you're trying to get your own stuff done.

One thing that I have noticed about you though is that you're totally in your zone when you're juggling multiple commitments.

Have a great weekend and good luck with the presentation!


Hey, don't forget teaching, since there is never an escape from that job!! :)

Anna, I would much rather cuddle up to you (nice skin, nice figure) than a bony chick.


Hey ANNA-ben, it was sooooo nice running into you so unexpectedly yesterday, I'm sorry if I was a *little* bit, ok, fine, a lot goofy...I hope you kick ass on your presentation, and tell your friend I'd like to "invite" him to all my parties cause he takes FANTASTIC pics!

chick pea

Anna said "presentation" you know she's not a doctor

Ennis: you are wrong.. docs give presentations as well..research meetings, morning case presentations, etc...

wrong wrong wrong.. ;)

and yeah, tons of jobs including being an underwater basket weaver causes people to work until the wee hours of the morning... even table top dancers...


Maybe the lawd has blessed me, but I do technology consulting and have never had to pull an all nighter on a Saturday night!

Jezzus[replace name of your laWd and savior here]! Thou hath blessed me oh lawd!


ANNA, see here and here for a smile or three.


UPDATE! random weirdos miss anna.

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