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I've got the bassist already, you cant have him :D

.... we found a place here in Dallas that plays live jazz every night of the week. Went last night, even. Shane wants to move now, so we live closer to it :D


So this morning Joti randomly said that our train conductor lady looked like you because of her smile and her friendliness - totally random but I thought I'd share. Hope you're doing well =)


This is why you should come to Cafe Nema (14th and U) on Oct. 20. There's a jazz quartet playing with a certain drummer that night.


Do you have any tie-ups with Tryst? You are promoting it a tad much. *complain*

hey chaitan

no, she's not shillin for tryst. she's suffering right now. if going to tryst makes her happy (and gets her to WRITE), why hate?

anandos, AFM rep

watch out. . . musicians are dangerous!

best wishes as always.


Foxy Anna,
----(that was their fluorish, not mine...I ordered a shot).--
See something wrong with this ?? you got your spelling wrong with "flourish"..

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