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God, Anna... feel better soon... I'm so glad you made it through your NPR interview though! It's amazing how that happens.... you get your voice just when you need it but then it goes BACK away the second you're done... i've also been witness to that miracle :)

Eat garlic too, it will help :)


congrats on the interview!? that's awesome! sorry to hear you are sick. i hope this weekend's festivities didn't contribute to it...i'm starting to get a cold myself. you're on the right track with fiery indian food..it'll clear that nasty bug right up. and go you for being an independent woman. while we all need somebody sometimes, it's nice to be able to know we can take care of ourselves, ultimately. sending love and positive 'good better' vibes your way!


i hope you feel better and i can't wait to hear your voice on NPR!!

...and a drunken goan? GET OUT! ;)


good lcuk with the interview! hope yu feel much better soon!:)


Congrats on the interview- hope we all get to hear it soon!

Also, hope you feel better. I know just what you mean about feeling most lonely when ill. But remember- it won't always be that way!



aww, get better chica. .senidng you thoughts of tea and lemon and dreams of warm puppies.

chick pea

diwali barbie, eh? i was also called ;)


Hey Anna, hope that you get better soon. Also - you'll never be alone in this space.


Congratulation on the Interview.

I hope you feel better.


You are quite the drama queen. You aren't dying so GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY


hey anonymous no. 2:

ask yourself one question: who has bigger issues? me, for writing this "dramatic" account of my day for my diary or YOU for feeling so compelled to respond with a craven attempt at being cruel to someone whom you probably don't even know?

you have excellent timing wrt leaving your gem of a comment-- i'll pray for you tomorrow. you obviously need...something.

No von Mises


I'm a big fan of yours. So much so that I care more about your interview than your health =) What was the interview topic? The World is fantasmic.


congratulations on the radio interview.


how about throwing (or going to) a halloween party to remedy the dull spirits. plenty of ideas from abhi.


I'm just getting over the sniffles and those Cold-eeze zinc lozenges seem to work... I got over the cold in three days. Hope you're better...


A N N A K K A:
You should have called me!
I would have come over and made you rasam and thair chadam.

you know there is a prince in the morg, right? No need to drive all the way to georgetown anymore.


Anna, hope you are feeling better now :).
wish u good luck with ur interview.

this post feels so me :)), i mean i have felt the same things, and ah! those craving for spicy food.....

wish i were around DC-could have gotten you home made rasam (BTW, do you like rasam with ginger and lemon, i so love it). OMG, i feel hungry :))

Love your posts, they are thoughts that people like me can relate to. ur post on SM about the Pizza wale Uncle ji was heart-warming.

keep up the good work.


Keep truckin' along, sugar.

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