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Plumb - Damaged
Sia - Sunday

so sorry to see the sad things won't give you a break. :(


the shins - a call to apathy

get set go -- i hate everyone

78 Saab -- no illusions


Hang in there, babe. I like to listen to uplifting music when I'm in the dumps. If you feel so inclined...

Song for Everyone...Shankar
Riverwide...Joshua Redman
Piano Concerto No. 20 (2nd movement)...Mozart
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic...The Police


The Mountain Goats- Woke Up New

That Filter song brings back some alcohol-laced memories...



thinking of you, bebe!


ooh nirvana and nin! i havent listened to either in ages! im sorry things keep getting crazy and not better. hopefully soon, my dear.


sending lots of love your way, my dear! i know whatever lemons life throws your way, you are completely capable of making some kick-ass, delicious lemonade. if you are finding that to be difficult, call me, i'll be on the first amtrak with the vodka so you can add it to that lemonade;)


Sweet Anna - we're thinking of you.


hey, try to keep your head up, and in the meantime, lot's more:

james - out to get you

nick cave - the boatman's call

slowdive - allison

mojave 3 - love songs on the radio

magnetic fields - all the umbrellas in london

the verve - on your own

oasis - champagne supernova

sade - by your side

mazzy star

patsy cline

cardigans - communication

afghan whigs - crime scene pt. 1

air - alone in kyoto

aretha franklin - sweet bitter love

billie holiday - i'll be seeing you

cat power - i found a reason

jeff buckley - last goodbye

jeff buckley - hallelujah

led zeppelin - going to california

jose gonzalez - heartbeats

roberta flack - the first time ever i saw your face

sarah mclachlan - good enough

sebadoh - soul and fire

sam cooke - get yourself another fool

neko case - running out of fools

sinead o' connor - last days of our acquaintance

spiritualized - you know it's true

velvet underground - pale blue eyes

nin - something i can never have

jesus mary chain - darklands

jane's addiction - i would for you

jane's addiction - last 4 songs of ritual de lo habitual


something bad in the air. keep ya head up.


A note say... my prayers are there, even when my presence and words aren't.

Hope you find your peace and time to forgive and forget all the obstacles life brings to you.


the entire faith and devotions album by depeche.

hoping you're spirits will be lifted.


who's this bastard? you want me to step on him? arggh


anna - from someone who doesn't take his own advice, the worst will pass. a highs and lows mix, plugged in i-tune alpha order---

billy bragg & wilco: the unwelcome guest

elliott smith: memory lane

iron & wine: upward over the mountain

keren ann: by the cathedral

m. ward: right in the head

ryan adams: cry on demand

r.e.m.: monty got a raw deal

stereophonics: nice to be out

tom waits: swordfishtrombone

travis: slideshow

velvet underground: sunday morning


<3 <3 <3
I am so sorry .... :(

just wanted to say to you also ... that I too am in the middle of Major Tumultuous Life Changes Which Require Waiting (the ones that suck the most) ... and I thought to myself today about the whole situation "I hope I can be as courageous as **Anna** throughout this whole thing" ... you're in my thoughts in all the good ways.

Salil Maniktahla

Only one NIN song? Let me add "Ringfinger" to the mix.

And remember: this, too, will pass. You're strong.

Call me, dammit.




no i won't do it again, i don't want to pretend
if it can't be like before i've got to let it end
i don't want what i was, i had a change of head
but maybe someday...
yeah maybe someday

i'll see you smile as you call my name
start to feel, and it feels the same
and i know that maybe someday's come
maybe someday's come...

so tell me someday's come tell me some days come again...

no i won't do it some more, doesn't take any sense
if it can't be like it was, i've got to let it rest
i don't want what i did, i had a change of tense
but maybe someday...

i'll see you smile as you call my name
start to feel, and it feels the same
and i know that maybe someday's come
maybe someday's come...

if i could do it again maybe just once more
think i could make it work like i did it before
if i could try it out
if i could just be sure

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