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That was sweetness on both sides of the email. :)

I love dressing up. But these days I have to work on looking older :( (and I am hating it) I am 30, 5'2, and a future chemistry high school teacher. I still get mistaken for a high school student when I visit high schools for my field experiences (inspite of dressing in business casual). :(

Anna,It'd be awesome if you could post pictures with your formal wear and the scarf.I never know how to wear a scarf even though I love them.I am always afraid,it'd make my neck disappear and make me look shorter than what I am.I am 5'2".Love your blog.



NOW the links work...

I will try and dig up scarf photos :)


links STILL don't work, yo


try now...JENNY


Anna, those are the cutest heels. You must have looked picture perfect in the cashmere sweater and those heel. :)


I am so curious about where you interviewed! I'm a teacher and could NEVER have shown up to an interview in those shoes. I suppose I could wear them to work (and have worn similar, only to want to amputate my feet at the end of the day - heels like that are not so teacher-friendly), but even then...

Maybe it's because to me, heels=sexy, and that's not what one goes for when interviewing at schools. ;)


tamasha, i was wearing dressy trousers, all of which seem to be cut super long, so i HAD to wear heels lest they drag on the filthy ground and then upset my germ-phobic self. only the toes were visible-- you couldn't see the out of season/too summery heel or the fact that i was hosiery-free, as all CA girls prefer to be.


OMG! My uptight NY sensibility taught me no open toes for interviews. A friend of mine works in a company that's toe-free even in the SUMMER!!!

Ahh to be a laid back Californian...


I'm confused...the shoes you linked to here


are not open-toe. Or did you mean that most of your shoe was covered, so that all one could see was the rounded toe of the shoe?

Wow, you guys sound like real losers


Wow, you guys sound like real losers

...and yet, you chose to join this conversation. What does that make you?


Awww... that was sweet!


I second the "better to dress up than down" suggestion. It doesn't matter if the person who are interviewing with is wearing a burlap sack. You are the one still looking for a job so you want to look your best. After you land the job of your dreams you can bust out your own burlap :-)

And a dark basic suit that suits well can be rocked over and over again and no one will notice. The key is to wear different colors under and accessorize differently each time.

Come to think of it I don't own a suit. I swore after Goldman that I will never work for a company again that made me wear one or that prevented me from open toe stiletos in the summer!!

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