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That was great Anna ! (It was a little startling to hear your voice on that clip because it sounded somewhat different from the voice I had unconsciously given you in my head)

Here's the link:
But yes, the audio seems to be windows-media only.

Sorry to hear about your sister.


see! i told you your voice sounds different!


hey, my voice sounded different to ME. i had my hands on my face out of shock during the entire 4 minutes. afterwards, i called three people to ask, "do i really sound like THAT?" :o

p.s. i am totally curious re: what you guys THOUGHT i sounded like... :)


Speaking for myself: the voice I had given you wasn't fully defined but the first thing that struck me was that you spoke faster and your voice was deeper than I expected and your accent was... more american ? [duh! Maybe because I unconsciously project my own accent on the written words of other people ? Maybe that's a common phenomenon. I remember some Brit-SM-commenters saying the same thing about Abhi's radio interview from a while ago].


saji heard this interview and he was like "tell anna she sounds more california than usual..like ohmigod!" but then again, saji loves to make fun of you cousin lisa wayyy too much. i thought you did speak faster than you usually did! but it was very cool to hear you on the radio:) but on a more serious note, your sister is in my prayers + thoughts!!! as well as your mom and you! keep us posted.


anna wow what an exciting opportunity!

i also was like, whoa, is THAT what anna sounds like! the anna i have in my head sounds so different, and no you don't sound white, you sound supa-american!!! but i did pick up the cali girl vibe with the "sooo excited" stuff at the end. yay@cali girls! oh, and you have a cute laugh!



You sounded awesome ANNA!!!


Anna, you sounded amazing. I have known that you have a wonderful way of expressing your thoughts in writing but it is even more wonderful to hear you express them!!


A N N A,
You sound wonderful.

Everyones' voice sounds different on tape/air/recording because you hear your own voice through bone conduction while others hear through air conduction. Think of it as natures conspiracy to keep our self-perception and public perception different. Or may be its not a bug, its a privacy feature.
And congrats on the job. I didn't feel like wishing on the other thread.


Heard you yesterday while at the office. While it was neat to put a voice to the face, I was thinking "Diwali Barbie?" Let me guess, you started sharing your thoughts on AIDS in the developing world, Iraq, etc., and then the interviewer just said, "No - just the doll."


You sounded good Anna, young and educated but still able to see the light side of things. Way 2 go gurl! I will have you sister in my prayers.


I agree with "voiceinthehead" comment above.. everyone sounds different on tape.. It's what you said that matters, the words :) and you did a great job.


What do you mean, you sounded "white"?


Exactly what I said...not that I'm trying to disrespect your question or intent in posing it. I wrote this post as I was listening to this radio piece for the very first time; I was liveblogging and when I do that, I don't edit, I write honestly, b/c that's what my intent is. To me, I sounded "white". I always get teased about being a "valley girl" and I didn't realize there might be some basis for it. I sounded exactly like my sorority sisters, 98% of whom were white. My cousin sounds black, if that's any consolation. ;)



Thats really interesting. You definately sound 'like'
from SFO. You 'like' so remind me of this consultant i work with..........she's from the bay area. We talk on the phone daily on my new project.

Hope all is going well in your world.

Take care



I guess I just want to know what "white" sounds like. I thought you sounded intelligent, young, and exactly how I expected you to sound. Yet, I know that you're not white. So I'm confused.


Honestly Roonie, right after massively weirding out from hearing what I actually sound like ("THAT is what other people hear when I TALK??") the very next thought I processed was, "I sound so white". :)

I probably should've said "Californian" or "Valley". I apologize if you found it offensive or worse, a lazy choice of words. ;)


To everyone else: thank you so much, for listening and for being so kind about what you heard. :)


To everyone else: thank you so much, for listening and for being so kind about what you heard. :)

Hey hey, I wasn't being UNKIND about what I heard - I said I thought you sounded intelligent, which you did.

I wasn't offended, just curious as to what "white" sounded like. I'm nowhere near asking you to censor yourself - just, you know, provide an explanation as to what you meant at the moment. I think you did that very well. Gracias.


Awww, Roonie...I totally didn't mean to imply that you were being unkind. I'm grateful for your comments and the fact that you are so interested in finding out exactly what I meant. If you didn't care, you wouldn't have had this dialogue with me. :)

I just didn't have time to individually recognize all the other comments, hence the "everyone else". Poor wording on my part-- again!


I think that you sounded great. Rock on!

jayson knight

Well now that you mentioned valley girl, yeah I agree ;-) j/k.

You sounded quite intelligent actually...well done ma'am!


It was a wonderful commentary coming from an ex-sorority girl who obviously grew up. Kind of like how I hope to sound one day. The laugh was priceless.

Nice blog.


The laugh actually was quite good. I would've stumbled all over my words and sounded like a MORON, I'm sure. I was impressed that everything you said flowed so well. I don't care how much I'd practiced, I wouldn't have been able to do it.

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