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sorry to hear you have been so stressed lately. i was up late catching up on sm and all the comments. i was getting heated so i can only imagine your frustrations, but know its such a good cause and you are helping people stay aware. there will always be some haters, but so what. and we all stress abt money and where we are in life vs where we think we ought to be, but there is a plan out there for us all and yours is unfolding in the right time. just dont settle!!:)


totally agree with nina. we are thankful to mutineers for keeping us aware of such issues. and don't forget all those who think your life rocks! i agree, just don't settle!!


I agree with nin. I was reading your SM posts and then comments and I almost decided not to bother reading the comments any more, because ppl get ridiculous. I, for one, thank you for your coverage and for writing about such an emotional event, especially when you are so close to it in proximity. As for you thinking you are complaining/whining, (when in reality, you are venting), this is your blog and that's what it's designed for. I feel awful that you have to keep pointing out what you're grateful for in every post that you're venting, because I feel you do it out of fear to those trolls/haters who will leave you even nastier comments if you don't. It's sad that you must counter your vents with statements of gratefulness out of necessity for the haters.

I know I appreciate all your creative internet ventures. SM, herstory,diary (which I wish you would update more often!!!!), flickr with your POTD, flog, WIMP, etc. The fact that you are still creative amongst all your work & life stresses and that you share it with us readers, is wonderful.

Hang in there Anna, I know you are struggling with how Mummy feels also, but just know that God has a plan for you and it will unfold when it's time. As for the Sanrio, you are clearly delirious, I hope you are well rested and know the error of your HK doubting ways:)

As for the taxes, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know and i'll ask Sajito "whatchu know about that??" DC-style;)


I've followed the hate spewing on SM...its all like your article said, just attention grabbing nothing more, don't let them get to you.

Of all the things you should be proud of Anna, is that you have the best heart of anyone I know. You are open, honest, caring, and believe strongly in good values. Money comes and goes, and I realize it helps to have some no doubt. However, you should feel proud of all you have accomplished under less than desirable times...

Sometimes you work so hard at something and it just doesn't seem to get you anywhere or worse, kicks you in the butt. Don't let it get you down. Keep trying, I know you can accomplish anything.

I never stop believing in you.

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