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i feel the SAME way!! building stuff...puttin' stuff together - it's a stress reliever for me


i discovered the joy of this in my first college apartment. nothing like assembling a lil side table or bookshelf! glad to see you updating:)


what shoes are those on the rack in the flickr pic (where you have it 4 colors)? please share :)


I am the same way! I love building and putting stuff together. I dream of having a work bench in my garage with different power tools. One day this dream will come true. It tortures me when I am not allow to put baby furnitures together, I am not allow to lift or hold heavy items. So I supervise the husband who ends up getting upset with me when I say, " you are doing this all wrong!"


Guess who was given the old toolbox replete with three different saws, cordless drill, metal file and power stapler by her father? No, not my brother, but me. "Your brother is a doctor but cannot screw in a lightbulb. You, on the other hand ..."

*shit-eating grin*

I dream of the day when dad and I start a wood-working shop together.


I doubly proud of you. :)


No offense, but assembling a bookshelf out of a box is not building. What are some cooler projects you've done? A chair? Or a table from scratch? I'd be interested in comparing, since I've done quite a bit of woodworking in my years.

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