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wooohooo for good times!! im so glad you came despite the black boot!! defly good times! the laundry can always wait;)


yes, i'm defly thrilled you were able to come out and grace us wiht your presence. i really wasn't expecting you to come out with us afterwards, and i know you defly paid the price the next day with all the walking, er...limping you did. it was defly fun times and i hope the hazelnut martinis numbed out the pain a bit. yayy to good times!

bengali chick

you guys look adorable! great shot:)


I have never seen you in a photo with people more attractive than yourself.

What could this mean to a wary audience?

What could this mean to a wary audience?

That I am excessively photogenic and nothing more.


thank you for that answer. i am so blessed that you answered it in the mode that you did considering all the implications.

some people might think your answer is disingenuous ?sp as it relieves you of any self serving designs. others might just believe what you say.

i prefer the latter.

"do you think it is a fantabulous idea if someone went through all your pictures to see if there are any people who are intrinsically more attractive than you, photogenics notwithstanding. do you think that is possible? "

i hate comments like these but they persist in God's garden.

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