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Congratulations! I'm glad something good came of this crappy day.


im so glad you dont need surgery nor a long crazy recovery time!! woohoo to bootfree times to come:)


Nice! Congrats:) Now your Sunny Leon impression can continue with ease.


yayy to no surgery! that's wonderful news. i hope your ankle feels better already just hearing the news!


how did you hurt the ankle, or is that only for people you know IRL?


No, not at all. :) I'm happy to tell you how. But it's a loooong story...

I had a terrible sprain, during high school, a sprain so bad they told me I should have broken it. I spent eight weeks on crutches.

In 2003, I decided to get over my "always-picked-last-for-teams" anxiety and play an actual sport (I'm not athletic, at ALL). When trying to block an opponent while playing indoor soccer, I took a vicious kick to the inner ankle...and it's never been the same since.

For the last few years, whenever I got my ass to the gym, I have run in basketball shoes, for the ankle support-- that should have been my first clue something wasn't right. ;)

This summer I had "an acute incident". I resprained it, and while I'm an expert at tending to that now, since I roll my ankle twice a year (rest, elevate, ace bandage etc)...for the first time ever, I didn't get better. I got worse. The x-ray showed damage to the joint and I had to wear a cast for two months to stabilize an ankle which would always be "chronically unstable", all with the expectation that I'd have surgery this fall-- it was just a question of WHICH surgery.

That's what the MRI was for. I was terrified of the entire upcoming ordeal...I've never had surgery, my mom was going to have to stay with me for 2 months to help me, I might have to take leave...etc.

That's why I'm so happy about it all. :)

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