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Hang in there, girl, and remember that a lot more will back you up than won't. Also, if you grew a thicker skin, would you be you?


Dear Anna, I come on your blog periodically because i think you are an excellent and insightful writer and I admire how easily you are able to transfer your thought to words. You were one of the main reasons I used to read Sepia Mutiny. I loved feeling like I belonged and often referred to the stories on sepia mutiny when talking with my friends. I would also constantly chide them into going on that site to check it out. However, i have since stopped visiting Sepia for the same reasons you mentioned. As the site became bigger i felt like my opinion was being shut down and I was being shut out. People were very defensive my words were being twisted to make it look like i was being callous which was never my intent. After a couple of weeks of this i left sepia because it no longer felt like home and i never looked back. I am sorry this is happening to you too, more sorry than when it happened to me because i believe everything you do on that blog is out of a feeling of community and you are being burned for it. I hope you do not stop blogging because where i am from there arent many indian people much less indian people that are outgoing and personable like you. Reading your blog makes me feel good to know that there are people like you out there.

good luck


*hugs* and everything Maitri said.


dear Anna, I have been reading Sepia Mutiny for over a year now as well as your blog. I'm constantly amazed at how much time and energy you put into it and there is no doubt every bit of it makes the site what it is. I would even go as far as to say that I was inspired to contribute, and since I've become an admin for you guys. Don't stop what you are doing. May be take more fishing trips. :)

Go A N N A!


Dear Anna,

I hope you realise that for every foolish, misguided person who chooses to criticise your work, there are 100s of us who long for the way you play with words and enrich our lives with you blogs. Furthermore, if anyone actually takes a moment to look at the evidence before they criticise you, they would realise the large amount of good work you do for people.

As for Sepia Mutiny, I remember skipping through posts just to read yours. There were so many personal stories that you shared of your childhood that have made me laugh, cry, reflect and adjust my life. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

You have such a gift for writing, I hope you don't let a few people stop doing what you love, or even worse stop you from loving the art.

Sending love and keeping you in my thoughts.


it's pointless me keeping my mouth shut (fingers tied??) after having read this post!
3rd generation kenyan, who was kinda lost when the word 'blog' is mentioned. yes you can laugh at my developing country attitude to modern era cybertechnics, but i am slow at such matters. kinda.
then came Anna...
i was looking up possible meet ups in amsterdam for indian people in amsterdam (heading for a short fellowship there), when i came across a girl called SM. and the door opened and a patient walked into the office. had to look into the orifice. ears, my friend, ears!! what were you thinking?? anyway, the next day i decided i needed to google her again, and VOILA - my introduction to the sepia (SM too!) crew...and you...
my opposite-of-ennui at your writing style made me wanna follow you, even to where the cup runneth over...
everything that i want to say about your writing has been said. all the good stuff. if it would have helped, i would have penned it in a differrent language for you (gujarati, perhaps?). but then again, futility...
your prose has spurred my use of the english language from its hiatus of nether lands (pun intended), and i find myself wording the langue in a much finer way. and least to say, your expression of character when you write has made me feel like i know you well. even chuddy-buddy!! awesome, i think, cos i see myself with that level of communication with the people around me.
so, though you might not know me, please believe me (tell me again why should you?? lol) when i say (with a serious face), that you are inspiring more than trolls and haters with your blog. thanks to you, i am developing...hand-in-hand with my country ;)
do not stop blogging...

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