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1st time commenter

can they penalize you for not cooperating (like bad feedback on ebay)?

if not, i would agree to the grounds, block the chat, and then send him a picture of a monkey.

i'm also glad you posted his picture, because it's so pathetic that it's almost funny (almost, but not quite).


Wow, I've been lucky with my one night Scrabbles, all have been normal, no small talk whatsover and only interested in playing the game (Scrabulous that is). You are a true freak magnet, it's an art :)


OMFG. I thought this was prevalent with like myspace and $hit, not FB.

Now you know why I am not so "social" online.


Hey, I didn't accept his "request"! I just copied it and blogged it, for all to enjoy. ;)

All the people I actually play with anonymously have been lovely to the point of paranoia (when asking for a rematch by starting a new round, stating up front they understand if I delete the game instead, etc).

But yeah, Zen, my frien'. I'm an artist, all right. ;)

pied piper



FYI, you can also play scrabulous directly at www.scrabulous.com . Surprisingly, I don't think any of this inappropriate sexual stuff goes on there. I've had 300 Scrabble one-night stands there, and I've seldom seen sketchiness. Yay scrabulous! And yay for guys who aren't degenerates!

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