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Mango P

Hey! I just got one of these called "NeilMed", and works great! It feels weird but kind of good at the same time (in a cleansing sort of way), and I'm normally sqeamish about this stuff as well.

One bit of warning - don't try it with just plain water (without the saline solution), because it stings. I think it has something to do with the pH.

Feel better!



Ahem, now that's out of the way - hope you're feeling better! :)


You look all of 5 years old in that photo :)


I swear by this. I use a sinus irrigation machine. I know it sounds painful, but it isn't. During the winter I use it 2X a day, and it works. My mom had two sinus surgeries which didn't work and now she uses this machine and it's a gem. Just add baking soda and kosher salt to the water. http://www.breathcure.com/hydropulsemachine.html

sixy west coast

feel better :(. how is your sis btw?

anandos, nasally fortified

It's fantastic, but plain water? That'll kill ya. It'll burn like hell. Use the saline (lukewarm!), it works wonders. I use it before I go to bed and it vastly reduces the cold-snoring.

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