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Hi Anna,
Praying that it all gets better. Heard that corny line "everything happens for a reason"?. Well, corny or not, it is true and eventually turns out to be the best reasons. Take care girl.
Hugs across the miles,


do your best to keep your head up!! eveything will work out perfectly in the end, i know it! (and im praying for it too!!)



Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. I hope it ends soon and something beautiful comes out of it all.


*hugs* and then some

It is hard to leave a place when you aren't ready to do so. For some of us, there will always be a push-pull in our lives, whether we are on the East Coast or West. But I know you will emerge from this, like other challenges, bruised, but not broken.


Keep your head up Anna, you know you are better than any of this, you are so much stronger than you think...all the trollish folk will soon find themselves answering to demons of the most unkind variety soon enough. With your experience you could easily land a job in the tech heavy Bay area.

...And tonight's powerball is 275 mil. I'm playing a few tix. If I win, I'll split it w/ you 50/50...sounds good? good.


Hey...I looked for and got a job in SF when I was living in Chicago! You can do it, chickie. Hang in there. Your current work sitch sound miserable. But you know...its better to be fired (you can get a good severance package!). Your new job won't care. Really. Because you can get great recommendations from your old boss & supervisors. It really does work out for the best. Though it sucks when you are in the middle of it.

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