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that was entirely priceless.... heheheehehehe. made my tue morning ...


I get asked for a Typepad password to your site as soon as I open my Google reader.


Dude, that guy is (more or less) RIGHT coast - he's from Toronto.

DJ Drrrty Poonjabi

It gets curiouser and curiouser, the further down the rabbit hole you go.


"A disgraced Toronto doctor who had his medical licence stripped for repeated sexual misconduct 16 years ago has hung out a new shingle: Sex guru.

"Dimitri the Lover" insists he can teach men who attend his Toronto Real Men meetings and workshops how to make women "worship" them...

Dimitri the Lover's real name is James N. Sears.

Sears' childhood was hardly idyllic. One parent was abusive and alcoholic and the other struggled with mental illness, according to court transcripts and disciplinary records from Ontario's College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Sears, as a child, was "subject to compulsive ritualistic behaviour and had developed an attention-deficit disorder with hyperactivity," states a 1992 college record on sexual impropriety charges against him."

pied piper

wow. the video/voicemail *and* the toronto sun article:

University of Toronto feminist philosophy professor Amy Mullin said it's dangerous and unhealthy to buy into Dimitri's depiction of women as sluts.

thank goodness we have experts to point out what should be, umm, obvious.


Now that this post is no longer password-protected, I must jump in to send you an amen to that, sister. I had a few really weird encounters when I first moved out West, and I must say that the dudes shared a common thread of douchebaggery with this Dmitri character.

In other news, it makes me gleeful when you post, even when it is about this guy! :)

Desi Dimitris?  Hope not!

Two undercovers at one of his seminars writes;

"He did seem to have trouble relating to East and West Indian fellows, frequently telling them that a particular bit of advice he'd just given the group "wouldn't work for them", implying that their accent or cultural differences somehow precluded them from being able to employ it without comedic effect."



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