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Curious George

All this already happened or is this your plan for the weekend?


Hope the phone interview was a smashing success!! :)


Dear Anna,

Several years ago, I found Sepia Mutiny when I googled "half Indian" in an effort to find a way to reach out to my community. Three years later, I am a faithful reader and sometime commenter on SM. I even roped my older sister into reading and commenting on SM. This habit naturally led me to your blog which I now also check in on from time to time. I have never posted here before, but I felt compelled to do so today. I wandered over today to find this schedule post that linked to an article on bloggers getting book deals. Are you writing a book? If you are, I wanted you to know that I think that's wonderful. If you aren't, I want you to know that I think you should. Over the years I have really enjoyed reading your posts on SM and your personal blog. You have a lovely way of writing prose. I was particularly touched by the pieces that you wrote about your family. Best of luck and I hope your interview went well.

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