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Cold or no cold, I have no doubt you'll do a fab job!! I hope to have a chance to listen to it.

Personally, I think Slumdog is beautifully shot. My only quibble is Boyle's assertion that he cast Dev Patel because every actor he met in India was too buff. He could have also got Patel an accent coach or something, because that kid basically spoke with a British accent for much of the movie. But it's a minor quibble- it didn't detract much from the movie.

My mother, who grew up in Mumbai, thought the movie was great, especially the way Mumbai was filmed. She didn't find Boyle's cinematography to be exploitative at all. When I brought up Patel's lame accent, she didn't even bother to address my point. If my mom's not going to complain, then I suppose I've got no place whining about it.

Please make sure you make at least one remark about the hilarity that is Anil Kapoor. :)

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