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Congratulations! What a great gift and I'm so glad you put it right to work.

My sister went to Kansas on her way back from living in California and bought me a brick on the Yellow Brick Road at the "official" Munchkinland. They documented the whole thing in photos and gave that to me in an album along with it. There are multiple reasons why this is very, very cool...made my holiday and my year, in some ways. So, no matter the difficulties, I suppose you and me, we're lucky in that kind of love. :)

Merry Christmas, Anna. To use a lazy cliche, I hope 2010 rocks your socks off. :)


your sister is amazing -- and i, for one, can't wait to see more writing from you. highfive to the both of you, and i hope you're having a beautiful holiday season!


Yasmine- yay! I love highfives!!! and thank you :))

Anna- <3 *warm-fuzzies*


My Google Reader alerted me to this post and looks like I may have lots more to read here. Congratulations and Happy Holidays!


Awwwww. What an AMAZING sister. Can she have a chat with my brother?


you obviously want attention from strangers by linking your personal blog to a very public south asian news based blog.
Then you will be turning around and whining about privacy,blah blah etc.

Now we know how cool you are that you got a mac. happy?


I hope you continue to update your Diary, and anything else which strikes your fancy. You have been very missed.


Why don't you post anymore? I missed reading your blog =(

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